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Community Impact

The Community Foundation of South Lake provides grants, education, and resources to empower non-profits to amplify their impact. Learn about how our collaboration with local non-profits is building a stronger South Lake below.


Non-Profit Stories

Family Matters of Central Florida

Family Matters of Central Florida seeks to equip local families and students with counseling, education, and resources to navigate successfully through ordinary & extraordinary life matters.

For more than 10 years, Family Matters has been there to provide counseling and support for single parents, pregnant teens, abused children, and depressed and suicidal teens and adults and others in crisis. Through the years, Family Matters has discovered the immense need for additional services for many of its clients,

Family Matters was a Community Foundation of South Lake Grant Recipient and receive funds to expand complimentary services to help students thrive which include:

• Tutoring for students

• English Classes for 2nd Language Learners

• Life Coaching

CFSLC Grant Recipient

Family Matters Photo | Community Impact | Community Foundation of South Lake

Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation

Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation was one of the grant award winners through the Women’s Giving Alliance, which was inaugurated through the Community Foundation of South Lake. Libby’s Legacy’s mission is to provide comprehensive services to the underserved through education, mammograms, and patient navigation on the journey from diagnosis to survivorship with compassion.

The WGA focuses on empowering the community through encouraging funds that improve women’s and children’s lives. Combined efforts of the WGA were able to award Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation to reach their goals of granting wishes to those battling this disease and creating a ripple effect of hope for the future.

WGA Grant Recipient

Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation Image | Community Impact | Community Foundation of South Lake

Stuckey Community Improvement

Stuckey Community Improvement Group seeks to enrich the community and provide growth to all. 

The Women’s Giving Alliance awarded a grant in 2022 for the O.U.R Girls program, a free girl mentoring program in South Lake County.  The program provides an array of services and resources to 50 girls, which includes:  Afterschool tutoring, Summer Camp, Etiquette, Field trips, Volunteerism, Health and wellness, Dance classes, and College Preparation. 

The CFLSC awarded a grant to further their work in developing a solution for improving the local water quality and home preservation in 2023.  We look forward to the positive change they will make in their local community for generations to come. 

CFSLC Grant Recipient

Stuckey Community Improvement Group Logo | Community Impact | Community Foundation of South Lake

Scholarship Impact

Giovanni Collica is a 2019 Community Foundation of South Lake scholarship recipient who is currently attending the University of Central Florida in pursuit of a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

In addition to his education, he is the Outreach Director for the Formula SAE club, a group that constructs a Formula One vehicle from the ground up. Giovanni stated “The Community Foundation of South Lake has given me more financial freedom to pursue my goals. Without receiving my scholarship, I would have never been afforded the opportunities of the success I have now.”

The CFSLC team is pleased with Giovanni’s progress and looks forward to the impact he will make through his future profession.

Giovanni Collica, CFSLC Scholarship Recipient

Giovanni Collica | Education & Scholarships | Community Foundation of South Lake

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